sesekali jadilah kawan yg mendengar dari yg hanya bercerita..ambil lah masa untk memahami hati dan perasaan kawan..kerana dia juga ada rasa takut,ada rasa bimbang,sedih dan kecewa..dia juga ada kelemahan dan dia juga perlukan kawan sebagai kekuatan...jadilah kita kawannya itu.....
Pink Lollipop

Sunday, November 14, 2010


 *why do witches use brooms for flying?
Because vacuum clearners are too heavy!

*what does a farmer use to count his cows?
A cow-culator!

*why does a tomato want to run?
To ketchup (catch up)

*where do you go when you loose your hand?
A second-hand shop

*why is a man still laughing although a fierce dog is biting him?
Because the dog has no teeth 

*what do you call a rabbit thats wants to go  to the Hogwarts school?
 Harry Potter

*how do you make milk shake?
Give it a good scare!

*what has an eye but cannot see?
An idea!

*why did the witch do with the sand?
She make a sand-witch

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